Z Wall

Competitor Instructions

  1. For an attempt that results in failure, after releasing the rope a competitor must continue to traverse the ground or water beneath the obstacle by running or swimming while staying within their lane.
  2. A competitor must dismount the obstacle after ringing the bell. They must not continue traversing along the rope.

Failure Modes

  1. Touching the ground, the top of the wall, or the top or bottom of any cutouts within the wall.
  1. Failure to ring the bell.

Additional Notes

  1. Once four points of contact are made on the hand and foot blocks, a competitor is considered committed to an attempt and may not restart the obstacle.
  2. The first hand block and the first foot block located in the lane of attempt must be used when starting the traverse.
  3. A competitor does not need to use all the hand and foot blocks provided apart from the first hand and foot blocks. A competitor may skip over all other holds, including the final holds, in order to ring the bell.

Source: 2023 Spartan Rules of Competition