Olympus Wall

Competitor Instructions

  1. Laterally navigate the obstacle using only hands upon and within the holds and holes found within a single lane.
  1. Ring the bell.

Failure Modes

  1. Any part of the body touching the ground between the start and the bell being rung.
  1. Touching the top of the obstacle.
  2. Touching any of the holds or holes on the wall with feet.

Additional Notes

  1. A competitor must start from or behind the starting step.
  1. A competitor is committed to their lane and considered to have
    attempted the obstacle once both of the competitor’s feet have
    left the starting step.
  2. A competitor may place their feet and/or knees against the wall
    for support, however their feet or knees may not touch any of the
    handholds, including stepping upon or placing a knee into the
  3. A competitor may use any combination of the holds provided.

Source: 2022 Spartan Rules of Competition