Obstacles Lineup

With an array of obstacles and equipment. Obstacle Central is the place to go if you are to prepare for an obstacle course race. Our certified coaches will teach you the basics so as the tips and tricks for each obstacles so you don’t spend unnecessary energy conquering one obstacle after the other.

Monkey Bars

An obstacle that requires grip and upper body strength to traverse from start to finish tapping the bell.


Challenge yourself with this obstacle that will surely test your grip, upper body strength and technique to swing from one rig to another.


Your mental toughness will be put into the test as you climb up at around 6 feet from the ground below then bending forward to go over this obstacle ending it by going down while on top of it.

8′ Wall

Confidence that you can do it will be needed as doubting yourself will make you fall short with the 8′ Wall.

Olympus Wall

Whether it via the holes, holds or chains, this obstacle will require you to hold supporting your body as you traverse from start to finish tapping on the bell.

Rope Climb

If you don’t have that crazy upper body strength then the rope climb will surely need you to master either the J-Hook or the S-Hook to climb it up and hit the bell.

Z Wall

Traverse this wall horizontally and aim to hit that bell for a proper finish.

Atlas Carry

A solid ball of weight will make you give it all as it tests your strength to carry it from the start flag to the other end and back. Need to take a rest in-between? That is allowed as long as you don’t roll the ball on the ground.