Atlas Carry

Competitor Instructions

  1. Pick up a stone from the designated male or female area.
  2. Carry the stone past the set of flags placed opposite the starting point.
  3. Turn around and return the stone to the ground at the starting point.

Failure Modes

  1. Inability to complete the designated course as outlined with the stone.
  1. Failure to return the stone to the starting point.

Additional Notes

  1. A competitor may put the stone down on the ground during an attempt, however they may not roll it or allow it to roll.
  2. If the stone is placed down or accidentally dropped, it must be picked up again at exactly the same spot. If the stone inadvertently moves after being placed down or accidentally dropped, it must be returned to exactly the same spot and picked up before the competitor may continue forward progress again.
  3. All competitors must start behind the flags placed at the designated starting point.

Source: 2023 Spartan Rules of Competition